Top 5 Things to do in Vietnam – Vietnam Airlines 2014

So you are looking for great things to do in Vietnam?

Here is a list of the top 5 things to do in Vietnam:

1. Boat Cruise -

Take one of many great boat cruises in Vietnam, you can easily make a trip over to surrounding areas such as Hong Kong and other parts of Asia whilst you are in Vietnam.

2. Cycle -

If you are looking to go around the city what better way to see the city areas then to cycle, Vietnamese are known for their cycle ways.

3. Diving -

If you are into Diving Vietnam has a fantastic range of diving for you to take part in, with many coastal areas Vietnam makes a perfect stop for your next deep sea dive. Nha Trang is a popular diving area in Vietnam.

4. Visit Temples -

Vietnam has a fantastic range of temples for tourists to visit. In Hanoi you have the old quarter with a fantastic selection of great temples which both old and new will love.

5. Visit the mountains -

Vietnam has fantastic mountains and what a better way to see them by taking a hike in the mountains.

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Vietnam Airlines Comparison

Vietnam Airlines

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